Children's book - Camelea: Like a Rabbit
Author: Suzanne Gohier
Number of pages: 48

Binding books: Paperback and Hardcover
e-books: Available on Apple Books (with Audio and Animation) and on Google Play Kobo Kindle

Values: Ambition, ability to take on challenges, self-confidence, bravery, surpassing oneself, imagination, tenacity
Themes: Animals, physical activity, creativity, goal to reach, hiking

On a field trip to the mountain with her ski group, Camelea doesn’t have enough energy to get to the top.
But a little rabbit helps her find the motivation to go on. Camelea’s magical hairdo gives her the strength
she needs to climb the mountain.

Using the power of her imagination, Camelea finds within herself the confidence to face her fears.
Her enthusiasm and resourcefulness are an inspiration to children as they learn to meet the challenges
of everyday life.

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Camelea. Discover the ways she has found to build her confidence and
feel good about herself.



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